About the Author


Copyright Catherine Osterritter 

Allison had no choice but to be a writer.  Born of a Jack of All Trades turned Regency era novelist and a Crafty Dance Witch with the powers of crocheting an entire blanket during an episode of The Amazing Race, it was pretty obvious how things were going to end.  To compound her fate, she is now legally obligated to be madly in love with a wonderful human, and the author of a dystopian world.  She really stood no chance.

She fought the battle against novel-writing for many long years, first by attending business school.  There, she learned finance and economics, thinking that would handle everything.  It didn’t work, however, and while finishing her degree she also took up music, to her own (and no one else’s) surprise.  Then, she thought, perhaps law school would cure it.  But she was never quite free.  From the tender age of eight, she had been caught in the world of swords and sorcery, magic and mayhem.  She shares a birthday (though several years his junior, thankyouverymuch) with such notables as Harry Potter, and grew up watching television when women like Sarah Michelle Gellar were first allowed to be awesome in public.

In short, she was doomed.  So, while frantically waiting for the results of the bar exam, she sat down and wrote the entire manuscript for Feeding Frenzy, thanks to her mother’s Craft Witch genes.  Now that her heritage has been exposed, there’s no turning back.