A Happy Unbirthday to Us!

A happy unbirthday to us all!  This is my first blog post ever, which seems bizarre because I’m pretty sure you need to have published an op ed or rant or book review online now in order to graduate high school, and I don’t feel that much older than I did in high school.  Ergo, I should have had a post before now.

Now that you’re here, and I have in fact posted, let me tell you a little bit about what to expect.  This is a blog about hope.  This is a blog about freedom.  This is a blog about a new series I’m writing, and that I hope you might feel free to enjoy.

The first book is called Feeding Frenzy and features two sisters, Summer and Ophelia, squaring off with a hot piece of action that ends up being too much trouble, even for a hot piece of action.  The heat isn’t just the province of the monster causing trouble, though.  While fighting the creature who’s been taking college kids, Summer and Ophelia (who usually goes by Lia) catch the attention of the local police.  And Lia’s nemesis.  And a god or two.  And possibly an entire legion of demons.  Look.  Sometimes, you gotta do what’s right, even if you may end up rotting in hell for it.  Also, they didn’t know that all those things would be involved when they started the case.  Maybe they’ll read the fine print next time.  (Spoiler alert: probably not.)

I wrote this book initially because I thought it would make my own sister laugh if I made a story loosely based on how we would handle being monster fighters.  The joke went on too long, though, and Summer and Ophelia became their own people with their own lives.  And now here we are, with a few hundred pages written, several friends roped into editing for me, and a whole series launched!  Please join in as we talk monsters, new “what if’s,” and also as I put up the first few chapters of Feeding Frenzy prior to release on Amazon.  I expect to start publishing probably shortly after the holidays finish stealing all our time.  Okay, mostly after the holidays stop stealing the time of the artist helping me with the book cover.

Thanks for looking!  Enjoy some cake for your unbirthday, and come back soon for the first chapter of Feeding Frenzy!

3 thoughts on “A Happy Unbirthday to Us!

  1. As I told you when I read the draft, I think it’s as good a piece of fantasy as I have read by anyone whose initials aren’t J.R.R.T. But when you become a laser-focused corporate attorney, how are you going to keep the series going? Work on it during the endless, mindless meetings you’re called into on the off chance that some minor legal issue might arise? Now that I think of it, that should give you plenty of time! I withdraw the objection. 🙂

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