Us, You, Me

Hi all! I try to do these weekly, but I'm finishing up book three, starting a new project, it's the holidays and frankly life is quite busy. So expect updates to be a bit more sparse for awhile. You can always find me on various social media, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (and Goodreads, of … Continue reading Us, You, Me

Not Your Fight, But Still Your Problem

What with the hullabaloo about women winning Hugos, Trail of Lightning and the discussion around appropriation, and indeed, the advent of October and the costumed holidays celebrated throughout North America, it seems like the book world has been in a tizzy about respectful dialogue and celebration of ideas. There are literally thousands of articles on systemic … Continue reading Not Your Fight, But Still Your Problem

Making a Community: Inclusion Is Exclusion

So far, we've covered the micro and the macro aspects of community building. There's one more key element to communities, and that's defining who isn't in your community. This is probably the hardest part, and also the most important. People with good aims--creating strong communities, wanting a thriving business, whatever--tend not to also like being the … Continue reading Making a Community: Inclusion Is Exclusion