My What A Guy

This is something I wrote shortly after the #metoo movement began. I had finally seen the live action¬†Beauty and the Beast, right as Andy Lasseter of Pixar fame was quietly asked to take an extended vacation. Here's to every Belle I know. I've seen your Beasts, Gastons, and gossiping townfolk. You're not alone. The most … Continue reading My What A Guy

The Banisher Guide to Surviving the Holidays

It's the middle of the Dark Times, the period between All Hallow's and the Winter Solstice. You've been fighting for weeks now against incursions on your sanity--be they¬† supernatural or just the soul-sucking combination of Daylight Savings Time and year end responsibilities. Now it's time for the greatest fight yet--a holiday with family. True, this … Continue reading The Banisher Guide to Surviving the Holidays