That’s a Wrap

Y’all. It’s done.*  I’ve edited this thing so hard that I know what sort of things cryptographers would find, if my book was used as a cipher.  I’ve got the map plotted for if the clues left in the creases of the pages were somehow turned into a DaVinci Code style mystery.  I’ve counted every single quotation mark.  Twice.  There are 4,598. And no, I didn’t count because of the potential for clues in the 4500th quote, but because there was one that was formatted incorrectly, and one that got miss-paired, and these two bastards nearly completed a heist of my mind.

The cover is also just about done (!!!) So much so that I feel pretty safe saying that at least the Kindle version of the book will be available this month, and if the print version isn’t ready at the same time, well, it’ll be right behind.  It looks so good.  LIKE A REAL BOOK! It looks so much better than if I had tried to do it myself, and if you like it, you should tell Dave Berg so, because he’s been a real trooper.  I can sometimes be a little bit of a handful.  He is also talented, and that’s probably more relevant to your applause.  Anyways, I can’t wait to share it, but Dave says he wants to tweak things a little bit more, and as someone who just went quotation mark by quotation mark through 76,000 words, I respect that.

Now it’s time to go back to my second manuscript which is roughly 1/3 written in the rough but it feels sort of like the end of a season of something on Netflix. I know there’s a lot more to do and enjoy but…how can we just stop this one story? Can a book truly end? Is this what empty nesters feel?


COMING SOON! A cover real and the release date!!


*Let’s remember that “done” is relative.  I’ll probably read it through one more time, and re-add a comma I took out two edits ago.  And then you’ll probably still be reading it one day and find something that I have now looked at literally a hundred times and never saw, because humans are strange creatures, and I am human. Of course I am. Who said otherwise?

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