Published! And Exhausted!

My book is available on virtual shelves as we speak! I’m working out the kinks in the print version, and then the physical book will also be on virtual shelves! The future is awesome.

Publishing was a process, let me tell you. I actually hit the button Wednesday in case it would take a couple days to process (it didn’t). And then I doubted every word on every page for two days. Luckily, I’ve got good people, with very convincing recordings of them saying “It’s gonna be fine, you’ll be fine!” Or I assume it’s a recording by now, because it would be a huge time saver for us all if it was.

In the future, I will announce the book about a month after I’m sure everything is done and tidy, for the extra leeway. I will also put it up for pre-order, not because I think people will be in virtual lines for my virtual book, but because it would be REALLY COMFORTING to know that the finished product will be available to people when I say it will be. I will also order proofs early and often of my book. Love me some proofs. Proof proof proof.

So, that’s it, I think! Give yourself time, read the book out loud and on paper so many times people ask if you’re trying to memorize it word for word, and find people who can manage your particular brand of panic. I actually think that’s my life philosophy, not just my publishing advice. Hmm….

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