Life As Usual

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I hope your team wins, your half-time show has better sharks, and your commercials are worth the wait! Also, that you get lots of bad-for-you delicious things to eat.


I don’t have a full/interesting post for you today, so here are the highlights:

  1. Feeding Frenzy is selling in fits and starts! It’s out now in both paperback and e-book.  Bloody sorry for how pricey the paperback is, but my hands are tied by CreateSpace. Thanks, everyone who has read and reviewed the book so far, it means a lot to me! Please keep the reviews coming, even if you didn’t like it. Right now my reviews (which I love!) look too good to be true, so whatever you have to say, say it!
  2. Sacrifice is a little under half written in the rough! I’m excited for you to see this one. It’s more action packed than the first book, and you’ll get to see more about the other kinds of rituals, and how magic works. I’m having fun writing about it.
  3. Soon I’ll unveil a really interesting side project I’ve been working on! I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing a few self-employed people whose jobs I think my readers will find interesting to know more about. I’ll be posting them here for your viewing pleasure. Some truly fascinating people with great stories and tips for us. If you know of anyone else who is self-employed and who has experiences that can be tied at all to the story, let me know! I’m having a lot of fun doing this, and would love to keep going.
  4. My life will have normal hours again soon, so that will slow me down.  I’m looking forward to it, but I won’t give that an exclamation point because I was just getting to the meat of my story and I sort of wanted to rend its writing bones. (How’s that for a metaphor?) I was hoping to be done with the first draft of Sacrifice by now. Alas. Magic is not something I can do in real life, it seems. Total bullshit. But I am throwing around the idea of doing short stories of “between book” jobs Lia and Summer take. What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing a few more of their jobs?

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