Coming Attractions

It was perhaps optimistic of me to think I’d have “The First One’s Free” out the door this weekend.  I’m still waiting on a few things to happen so that I can feel confident that I’m giving you the story you deserve to hear.  Alas.

BUT! That won’t slow me down too much! I have for you today the synopses for the next two books!

As you know, Book 2 is called Sacrifice and it’s coming out later this year.  Where “Feeding Frenzy” spans about a week, “Sacrifice” happens over three action-packed days. Summer and Lia get roped into the schemes of a manipulative conjure woman who forces them to decide how much blood spilled is too much?

Then in Book 3 (as yet unnamed), right in the middle of Monster Season comes the scariest job of all: Thanksgiving with the extended family.* The sisters head back to the ol’ homestead, with all of its memories, secrets, and yes, skeletons. When they learn their cousin’s in trouble, Summer and Lia struggle against the past which threatens to rise up against them.

Dun dun dunnnnn!

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

*Note: this is not real life. The author loves Thanksgiving, especially with extended family!

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