Free Like A Bird

Hey, y’all!  We’re taking a quick break from our Persons of Interest series to tell you two important things!  First is that “The First One’s Free” is now on Amazon, and, well, free.  Download it! DOWNLOAD IT LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!  What if you meet a [redacted monster] and need to know how to handle it?  Your life MAY actually depend on it!

Also, if you haven’t read Feeding Frenzy yet, there’s a giveaway!  So it’s like a win-win, right? Register to win book one, if you don’t, hey! the short story prequel is free! Reader, heal thyself.

Go get you some free reading material, and join us next week to see the lovely interview with the amazing Debbie Casey: traveler, art manager and beauty consultant extraordinaire!

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