A Day Off

Happy Labor Day, American friends!  Happy almost-Eid, Muslim friends!  I’m a day off, but in fairness it still feels like Sunday, so I’m counting it.  Things are very busy here.  I’m editing two books for other authors, reviewing cover designs for Sacrifice and damn near done with that interminable book.  I much preferred this “finish a manuscript in two months” thing.  But, I am very excited for you to read this one.  It’s got it all: magic, mystery, fights, friends, and green eyes.  I just need it to consider itself done.

If you’re waiting and bored, may I suggest writing a review?  That’d be a huge help to me.  I also may have a few copies of Feeding Frenzy to hand out–message me on Goodreads or Facebook (or Twitter or Google Plus or…) and I’d be delighted to work with you 🙂

So, I’m gonna go work on that, and hopefully you get to work on nothing. Be good!

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