Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello! Let me first say I’m so thankful for all of you. I’ve been blogging for a year! How cool is that? Thank you for being with me on this journey! Over that year, I’ve published a book, a short story, and am so freakin’  close to being finished with a third book , it’s killing me.

I (probably) won’t ever do that again. Three projects a year is too many projects.

But hey it happened! Wanna see it?

I thought you might.

Here’s the first chapter of Sacrifice. Expect the cover reveal and publication date next week! Aaaahhh!!

And, above all, use this week to love the people in your lives, reflect on your blessings, and plan a way to share the wealth that is your goodness with others. I’m so happy to have you, and I can’t wait to celebrate all of our victories together.


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