Sacrifice Is Coming To Town

Yes! Yes!! It’s coming out December 1!



Drool, amirite? Mm, mm, mm. It just looks better the more I look at it.  Dave outdid himself. Everyone thank Dave for changing the  blurb no less than eighty trillion times and still talking to me. Best, thank Dave by paying him to read through your hundreds of emails and then make you something that blows your gorram mind. Do that here.

Secondly, Sacrifice is up for pre-order! Out December 1, 2016! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! I can’t believe it’s already here! Go order it now! It’s a much fuller book, in that it is longer, and has more things in it. This is my technical analysis.

It also is demonstrating some of those book-like qualities here, in the excerpt, so you can get a little taste. A little tease. Who doesn’t like a little light teasing?

And finally, this means this is the last week to participate in my “follow me, review a book, get a free book” promotion! What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s simple! Review Feeding Frenzy honestly on Amazon, follow me on Facebook or Goodreads (or here, I suppose! I’ll count it!), and I’ll send you a free e-copy of Sacrifice. Maybe teasing isn’t your style, but a two-for-one is, right?

No, that came out wrong again. You know what I mean!

Whew! That was a lot of things. That was Sacrifice: all the things. I hope you feel sufficiently Sacrifice-d.

Next publication will be a short story called Just A Taste and will involve the frozen north! Next full  book is called Blood And Bone and will probably be out early 2018. I’m already almost done with the first chapter though, ’cause apparently that’s how I do, so we’ll see!

Go forth! Drool over book covers! Catch up on Feeding Frenzy! Remind me how relaxing works! Be awesome in general!

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