Bat out of Murgatroyd & Other Cusses

So, are you a potty mouth or a fudger?

I personally think all words have a time and a place. And sometimes for my own mouth that time is never and that place is somewhere I’m not, but those words are very few, in the grand scheme.

The rest? I frickin’ love ’em.

I am working on a theory that old curse words sound modern again when combined.

For example:

“Aw nuts!” Timmy exclaimed, throwing his straw hat on the ground.
“Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat you gave me a fright!” Iggy yelled, turning to see his favorite cow Bessie behind him.
“Jehoshaphat’s nuts!” Lia cursed, dancing around and holding her stubbed toe.

See? Boom. 2017 seditious slang.

Here is a list of “vintage curses” I stole borrowed from Huffington Post. Try to make your own new curses!

1) “Frazzlin, dadgummit,” said Theresa Reed.

2) “Heavens to Betsy!” said Marti Gilley.

3) “Jumpin’ Jahosafat!!!” said Vicky Merling Points.

4) “Yikes and I still say it,” said Jackie Lamothe.

5) “Gadzooks!” said Jim Britt.

6) “Holy cow,” said Michelle Ethridge.

7) “Shoot or sugar,” said Lynn Robison DeRosa.

8) “Dagnabit!” said Charlene Holbook.

9) “Frickin’, flippin’, shoot,” said Lori A. Doyle.

10) “Shoot and Gooollly!! Use the Gomer Pyle voice! LOL,” said Jan Gloster.

11) “Geez Louise,” said Nancye Hernsmith.

12) “Sugartit!” said Martha Ballantyne.

13) “Jeez oh man,” said Penny Dennis Rone.

14) “Shoot, fudge, goodness to Betsy, holy cow, Jiminy Cricket, gosh darnit, son of a gun, golly gee,” said Joe Miano.

“Heavens to guns!”

“Sugartit willikers!”

Think of your own favorite old timey stand-ins and smash ’em together. What are your favorite vintage modern no-no words?

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