Put On Your Birthday Suits!

I’m not sure I’ve figured out social media yet. Currently my strategy is just to throw everything at the wall and see what happens.

Incidentally, that’s also who I paint walls, much to the horror of my spouse. (Also, it is creepy to me how much this person who is not me looks like me. ANDROID! J’ACCUSE!)

I’m working on it.

It’s vastly confusing, and if you want to untangle it, you first need to learn another language. And I’m like “I already speak three languages! And learned l33t and legalese! Let’s consolidate, shall we?” And then a fellow millienial patted me on the shoulder, brought me a V8, and told me that it sounded like I was now ancient, so I should either drink this and attend water aerobics, or add some vodka to it and start doin’ some learning.

That is the story of how I started day drinking and reading things with words like “scalable traffic campaigns” and “journey and repel prospects” which so far I’m about 63% sure is not about how easy it is to descend a rock face.

Oh, that’s RAPPEL, with an AP. Now I’m like 87% sure this isn’t about cliffs.

Why do you care? You’re reading a blog for cryin’ out loud!

I hear you. You’re currently living in my head, after all. No need to shout. You care because I have some announcements and I think you’ll want to hear them. But you’re right, let me skip to the good stuff.

The other day on our Facebook page, I lifted an idea from a meme and attempted to describe commenters like I would write them. It was a lot of fun to do, and seemed to be something people enjoyed, which is great! I really have a good time seeing people interacting with things I make, even when they’re just a paragraph out of context.

But the exercise was more than that, of course. I’m glad people responded to it, but it’s also a wonderful warm up exercise for writing, and super helpful for another book I’m working on (sorry, I think you should know that I’m not fully monobibliogous. There are other books in my world I’d like you to see!) So, I hope some of you are prepared to make cameos in future works!

I’ll be doing this and similar challenges in the future, usually when I need inspiration or something to get my fingers typing again. You can psych yourself into thinking you need to be in a “mood” but that’s a lie. The mood is nice, but the important part is the commitment. And for followers of the page, I’ll draw you like I draw my French girls, which is to say very respectfully, and with words.

Second bit of news you might enjoy, while I slowly type away at [redacted crazy pants things happening] in Blood and Bone right now, it is a great time to get into the world! There’s a book giveaway starting July 31 on Goodreads for my birthday! Good luck to those who enter, and I hope to see you around!

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