Don’t Worry, There’s More For You, Too

This week is late, I know. I spent the weekend doing a few things that were very important to me. Sometimes, even though I love writing, we all just need a break. Self-care is really important, and I was admittedly a little selfish this weekend.

No, I shouldn’t say it like that. Self-care isn’t selfish. If what you need to do to stay sane and functional harms or truly impacts another person, that’s different than self-care. It might be necessary, but missing important commitments or meaningful life events means you’re not just worn out, you may be facing a mental or physical condition, and I urge you to tell someone what’s up as soon as you are able.

Self-care means sometimes you post a blog a day late to do something that will quiet the brain weasels. This weekend, I finished shelves! It’s a huge weight off my mind to have something I’ve been thinking about for five years come to life.

Here’s 5 ways to care for yourself:

  1. Get presents. Got a little money? Give yourself or a friend a little gift. (Here’s I See You a woman-run company that specializes in self-care!) Short on cash? Send letters! Everyone loves actual mail.
  2. Get into nature. Turn off social media. Turn off texts. Go to the mountains or the beach or just the backyard–wherever you feel happy, and can get to quickly.
  3. Get it out of your head. Create. Build. Write. Sing, Dance. Do something that you can say came from you, that the world didn’t have before you came.
  4. Get yours. Indulge a little. Eat something special. Find a willing partner for whatever sort of stress release you prefer. Put on that dated movie or album you secretly love and let yourself enjoy it without shame.
  5. Get your people. Sometimes, laughing (or crying it out) with a friend just cannot be beat.

It’s important. You’re important. Lots of things feel important, but let me fuckin’ tell you. Of all the things in the world, out of all the days of all the weeks in every place there is, you are unique, and dammit, sometimes we should all just eat something we ought not some place we shouldn’t be.

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