A Real Character

Sometimes when I’m telling stories I wish I had a fun character thought up already for a quick cameo. Someone memorable, who stands out from the rest, but doesn’t require a lot of back story or fleshing out. In case you, like me, wish you had that available, here’s a list of a few character types that would make great short-lived heroes.

  • Constantly uses non sequiturs or improper antecedents
  • Has a large vocabulary, but can’t say the words, or mixes up what means what
  • Fidgets with whatever is nearest
  • Giggles nervously at inappropriate times
  • Extremely thick accent
  • Has a patois of the local language or uses local slang that is entirely unfamiliar
  • Extremely clumsy
  • Can hear something you can’t, and talks to it
  • Likes animals way more than people
  • Up-talker
  • Close talker
  • Can’t breathe with their mouth closed/really bad cold
  • Complete know-it-all/ says everything as if it’s conclusive
  • Mimics the other characters unconsciously
  • Unreliable “yes” man
  • Doesn’t speak where action will suffice
  • Indecisive without direction
  • Extreme risk taker
  • Very religious
  • Conspiracy theorist

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In book-related news, the first beta reader came back with the first four chapters and said that it might be my strongest start yet, and that she got misty-eyed! Score! Now just to finish the damn thing. Everyone please send me fast-writing thoughts. Or if you see me loitering on Facebook, tell me to get my ass back to work. Thanks!!

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