Where Did Summer Go?

I made my first soup of the season yesterday. Kids are back in school now and we’ve started planning fall activities.

So now it’s time to write again!

I think it’s some sort of residual reaction to the school year. My body knows this is the time when books should be open and homework should be due. I don’t have that (mwahaha! Take that, youths!) so instead it’s back to writing.

Expect more substantive posts soon. I’ve been working on a few meatier essays and they’re important ones to get correct. And when the sun is shining and the cicadas are humming, I have a hard time putting all my thought into something. Now that summer is leaving, I can think again.

Oh, shit. Summer. Where did I leave her, again?

Oh, no.

chris evans oops GIFbenedict cumberbatch oops GIFtracee ellis ross oops GIF

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