Well, We Found THIS At Least

Writing is work. Artistic work is real work. All kinds. Like with your day job or volunteer work, sometimes you wake up motivated, inspired, and ready for a full day of progress and achievement. But most of the time, Facebook seems way more interesting than whatever is on the to-do list. But that’s not an excuse from the work, merely a distraction. Artistic work is the same. When I was a jeweler, it didn’t matter if I was tired making this certain design, that was what made me money. When I edit books, it doesn’t matter if they’re books I’d personally read for enjoyment or not, this is what I’ve committed to providing. And the same goes with writing.

So, I know I’m late with the third book. I am sorry. I have lots of good, valid reasons why I was slowed down, but none of them were the seriousness with which I approach my creative endeavors.

Here is my three step program to getting back into writing when inspiration has been smothered in its bed:

  1. Just write. Even if you know you’ll delete it all and rewrite it in edits, get something down.
  2. Find that one thing you researched and totally forgot to link. Did you find it yet? No? KEEP LOOKING!! Demand the internet/library gives up its secrets. Perhaps divert some amount of time to learning magic in the hopes that it will help reveal to you that thing you lost. Did the magic work? Maybe! Who knows? But that article is super important, do please find it.
  3. No excuses. Write words. Hell, write words in the wrong language. Just make that wordcount go up. That is your job.

If you don’t wanna, and you don’t, then it’s not a job. It’s a hobby. It’s a pastime. It’s a phase you went through. Keep. Fathermugging. Writing.

And for the love of God, where did I put that one resource I was citing!

Image result for papers everywhere gif

PS. Pay artists.
PPS. Hire artists.
PPPS. If you don’t want to pay artists, I challenge you to go a whole day without reading anything, looking at any art, watching any media or listening to any music or pod/newscasts. If you just about crawl out of your skin without stimulus, at least contribute to a Patreon or buy a subscription to something! We need art to thrive!


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