Only Good Things Here Pt. 2

It’s been a tough time. Here’s what’s getting me through these days.

A Harry Potter Party

I made Sorting Hat cupcakes! There was a Dementor shooting gallery, a Hogwarts cake and butterbeer! There were potions! Along with great company, which really was the best part.

Image may contain: candles and drinkImage may contain: food and indoor

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Photos courtesy of A. DeKorte

These Things

Look at them!


I’ve read 55 books so far this year. I’ve found some great ones. And learned a lot from both the good and the awful along the way. (Join me on Goodreads!)


When I get wound up, I use this technique. It’s worked pretty well for me. Ignore the synth music and the sales pitch. It’s really just a grounding technique that’s a bit more involved than the 5 Senses technique and its ilk for really bad moments of anxiety.


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Release endorphins. Feel yourself get stronger. Make friends who encourage you and believe in your progress. Learn to appreciate lying down in all its forms and locales.

Miss Phryne Fisher

Image result for phryne fisher quotes

Impeccably costumed, gorgeous Australian people solve mysteries in the roaring 20s. Funny, sexy, feminist, and delightful.

And remember that there’s always hope as long as those who hope are ready to be those who do.

What are you doing to take care of yourself?


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