Spectitular Nameology

A few weeks ago, I realized I may have a problem. I’d already selected a title and started circulating it. And then, like every time anyone shares a name they’re thinking about with people at large, it became a problem.

Image result for sharing your child's name

“Oh you’re naming your kid Alex? An Alex once puked on me. When I hear the name I can still smell it.”

So it goes.

Well, it turns out that there’s been some controversy about similar names to the one I’d proposed, and also a lot of other authors had the same brilliant titular ideas I had, and while I can’t blame them, I’m not sure I want to spend my marketing time explaining which bestseller I am not.


New names!

I have a poll going on at my Facebook page for a new title. I’ve got a few strong contenders. Want to help me out? Click the link and come vote!

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