Whistle While I Work

Okay, this is kind of a misnomer. I can’t whistle. The closest I get is blowing raspberries, but I can tell from how people studiously ignore me that that has the opposite of the intended effect.

Image result for blowing raspberries

But I do have music I listen to. I try to spice it up every now and then with new music or new-to-me artists, but the backbone remains the same.

I have a few criteria:

  1. It must have vocals. I don’t know why I can’t listen to music without vocals but if I listen to instrumentals for too long I get antsy and unfocused.
  2. Mostly slower tempo. If it’s too upbeat, I want to get up and do things! Slower music makes it easier to stay in one place.
  3. But a good variety. If it’s all slow and sad, then the writing tends to get a bit navel-gazy. One time I was editing something I’d written while watching an Australian period piece and all of my characters started sounding like 1920’s aristocracy. I am prone to falling into the mood of the things I consume.
  4. Must be “on message.” The sounds have to fit the piece I’m writing. So, for this series, most of the music is about mythology, the sense of the foreboding, taking journeys, and girl power.

What music inspires you?

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