Those Who Do the Work

Labor Day always makes me a bit morose. It’s the end of summer, and it’s supposed to be a day to commemorate the efforts of those who fought for workers’ rights–the 8 hour day, OSHA, age restrictions, unions and so on. And yet tomorrow so many of the people still the least protected will continue working while we all go to our cookouts.

On top of that, this weekend’s seen police brutality, people protecting nazis while decrying antifascists, mass shootings, and landfall of one of the strongest hurricanes we’ve seen.

In short, the real world isn’t doing so hot right now.

Personally, I am also frustrated by my own creative goals. I took a detour from my book for a short story, and then, well life keeps happening and now I am woefully behind, unsure which fire needs my attention first.

So I’m looking for the good. I’m proud of the people in my life who stand up for those who would be silenced. I’m humbled by seeing the care so many take with each other, even when times are hard and patience is in short supply. I am moved by the efforts I see individuals taking to support each other and eke out safer, happier, more prosperous spaces.

Image result for look to the helpers

Which is to say, thanks to all of you who do the work that needed to be done. Your efforts are seen and not only do you make the world around you a bit better, you encourage others to keep doing their small part as well. Thank you for your work. And thank you to all working in other capacities, too. We are a society, and you are valued.

I hope as the season changes, so too do the mindsets that keep us at loggerheads. Wishing you all a safe, productive, kind September, and a fervent hope that finally my third book will be done soon!

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