Shoot Shoot Shoot

I am not telling you to aim your piece, or take your turn at pool.  Instead, the title of this post refers to the word I’m ACTUALLY repeating to myself, but for the sake of young or easily-widened eyes, I won’t use it as the title for a post.

I’m saying “shoot” (which replaces an I with two O’s, in what I believe to be the Gothic German tradition*) because I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST SUNDAY.

In my defense, Sunday was the day that we decided to host a quad-birthday party at our home, and it was totes rad.  In my condemnation, I knew about this quad-birthday party  well in advance and did not manage to schedule a post.  For I am a small, chaotic being built on good intentions, and average follow-through.

So here’s your post, quick and sweet.

-You have about three hours as of this publication to sign up for a chance for my book on Goodreads.

Feeding Frenzy is now available on Nook, should any of you still cling to Nook (not judging! I just didn’t realize it was still fighting the good fight).

-I’m editing video (and by “I’m” I do mean “The Other One is”) for an exciting new series of posts about amazing humans with their own cool projects! Let me know if you know a self-employed go-getter with a neat story!

-This is the end of the updates.

Enjoy your late post! Sorry it was late!

*You shouldn’t believe me when I discuss declensions. That’s just a solid general rule.






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