The First One’s Free

Ta da!  Here’s the cover for my new short story “The First One’s Free!”  David Berg once again shows off.  The “feel” of this cover is different than for my full book.  This one I wanted to feel more like a journal than a painting, for it is just a brief look at a normal job for our two intrepid sisters.  I think he really captured that.cover-final

As the name suggests, this story picks up with Summer and Lia literally running into a person who is baked.  They help to return the lost woman to the facility from which she escaped and instantly know something is wrong.  It isn’t until Lia is kidnapped, however, that the enemy starts to take shape, and it is Summer’s worst nightmare.  Luckily, all of the people around her are too high to be freaking out with her.  With quick wits, humor and good ol’ fashioned stick-to-it-ness, the sisters are able to save the very souls of the captive patients, and only burn down a building or so.  All in a good day’s work!

Those who have already read the first book I think will enjoy a few references that will make more sense, and for those of you who didn’t want to commit to the price of a full book without knowing what you were getting yourself into, I hope you find this an enjoyable foray!  This story gets intense, so hop in and buckle up!

It is with my editors now–I hope to have the short story out by the end of March.  Hopefully sooner, if possible!  It will be free on Amazon when it does go live, so stay tuned for more updates!  And for now, enjoy the beautiful “wrongness” of the flowers at the heart of “The First One’s Free.”

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