Holy you-know-what how did it get so late on Sunday!  I don’t have the next Person of Interest ready for you yet, because I think I have a cosmic block on my ability to video edit.  Seriously.  My eighth grade powerpoint presentation had better transitions and effects than my first adult attempt at cutting parts of footage.  Luckily, I know people who are good at it.  Unluckily, they’re also quite busy.  It’ll be here, eventually, anyways, and it’ll be great.

Other than that, Sacrifice is plodding along.  I’m almost at 42,000 words and about half-way.  I keep thinking (or being suggested) new awesome stuff to include, which is great, but also stretches out my word count.  This book is gonna be able to eat Feeding Frenzy whole, I think. I hope I don’t pull a Rowling and get roped into telling longer and longer stories as I go.  Listen to me, stories.  We’re going to stay in a manageable range.  Don’t get ideas.

P.S. We just went to Gettysburg and it’s really worth seeing, though horrifically depressing.  I highly recommend you check it out.  It’s also quite the ghost town, in that a large amount of its population is ghosts, so if you’re into lantern-lit ghost tours, put this on the list.  Meanwhile, I will probably put it into a story….


Apparently everyone was a general for a day.


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