Memorial Day Book Sale

Happy Memorial Day if you’re from the States and Happy Bank Holiday if you’re in the UK!  The First One’s Free is free today, so you should download it!  This is the book that I made darker, funnier, shorter and more fleshed out, and I think it hits a pretty good balance.  We learn a lot about Summer and get a good look at how she and Lia find jobs.  If you liked Feeding Frenzy, you’ll enjoy some back story.  If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet on Feeding Frenzy, you will at least be able to kick the tires on the series a little, and I hope you like it!

On a less promotional note, this is the holiday in the United States where we remember those who have given their lives for us, and I wanted to thank my friends and family who have risked everything for my ability to stay comfortably home, and for soldiers worldwide.  May is also Mental Health month, so I hope you check in with your friends from the service.  A little contact can be a lifeline to those suffering depression, anxiety or PTSD.  These are normal conditions for humans, especially humans who’ve seen traumatic things, so if you’re suffering, please, please make that first step.  Tell someone you need help.  Life does not have to be drudgery.  The various treatments for invisible ailments are at their all-time best right now, and getting better constantly.  We see your struggle, and we value you.  Don’t give up!

Here are some crisis numbers if you’re having a tough time.

Thanks, all.  Be strong, be well, be safe!



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