Books Fo’ Free & A Quick Update

The giveaways at Goodreads and Amazon are still underway until Harry Potter’s birthday!  What a great guy.

Sacrifice is rolling right along, but it’s making me work for it.  So much foreshadowing from book one, such a fool I am!  What was I thinking!  But it’s gonna be great.  I’m about three chapters from being done with the first draft with the first half edited, so I’m feeling pretty good!  I hope you’re looking forward to it, this one moves quick.

That’s a pretty crappy update, though, so here it is, hot off the presses…

Books three and four have been named as follows:

Blood and Bone in which we’ll meet more of the sisters’ family.

War Locked which, in short, is about their vacation. Or is it?

Hope you’re having a great weekend and staying cool!


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