Artists: Keep Arting!

It’s really easy to feel like scarcity rules. You’re a new, upstart artist, in a world that glorifies the JK Rowlings, the Thomas Kincaids, the Ansel Adams of the world, and everyone else in the field is that thing people think they maybe saw something about in a coffee shop, once.

It can be demoralizing. Damn it all, after all!, you say. Did you not hustle? Did you not write strings of words that painted murals, and paint pictures that explained psychology better than any text book?

And it then becomes easy to look at everyone else in the field like they’re the ones stealing your greatness.   But it isn’t them.  How many paintings have you viewed in your life? How many books have you read, how many new bands have you “discovered” that made you wax rhapsodic to your uninterested friends?  Or, perhaps your politely interested friends, bless their hearts.


How many songs do I have to listen to before I can smother her?

There’s room for us.  Our species consumes at a prodigious rate.  I think one survey had that most romance readers can get through two books a week, easy.  The upper limit was around one a day.  Now, granted, that’s not my niche, but I think most of us tend to be consuming constantly, if in smaller bites.  So don’t despair!  Keep hustling and maybe we’ll be household names, too.

In the meantime, let’s not let a fear of obscurity cause us to condemn those along side us.  Jessica Woodard, who did a guest blog here, just released this charming collection of short stories, Of Mistling Magics.  If you haven’t had the joy of diving into her world, may I suggest starting with Before The Midnight Bells? Delightful, for you romance readers.

Romance not your thing? K.B. Spangler is the tremendously talented webcomic artist and writer for A Girl And Her Fed and we await her latest short story, which she teases may be sooner than later.  While you’re waiting, check out her comic if you like ghosts, technology, sassy badass ladies, and lecherous koalas.


Copyright K.B. Spangler

Indie artists, I think you’re just the best, and I wish you the appropriate amount of fame for whatever dreams and anxiety issues you have!  Everyone, keep creating, keep telling your story. The world is better for your voice.


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