Ode to Beta Readers

How in the world would an author survive
Without the benevolence of this mind-hive?


You’re the best best that could ever be best.

The kindly friends who read in advance
All the terrible words we thought, perchance
May  somehow a story derive.

Oh with such patience they read through our prose!
And gently all the plot holes help us to close
With a generous reading of our every word
Nary a complaint to be seen or heard
As they love our hero and their foes.

What? No, you fools! Are you f***cking blind?
I couldn’t in a million years cut that line!
Sure, to you it doesn’t  make sense


Or is it just me? Just me?

And sure, it might certainly read as quite dense
But I assure you that was by design.

No, don’t you see why I need this part?
It’s where the hero unburdens his heart!
Speaking of which, I think mine is breaking
Each red-line remark a part of me taking
Indeed, I’m coming apart.

FINE, I guess what you said’s kinda true
I guess I just needed another point of view
And I guess this joke’s kinda funnier  now
And the pacing is sharper–holy cow
Okay! Go on! You do you!

Say what? You liked it! Oh, thank God!
I thought for sure you thought me a clod.
No, you were right, darling, of course
No one wanted seven pages of discourse
On the exact implications of a nod.

Beta readers! Healers, and sowers of strife!
You hone our thoughts like a stone does a knife
Even though your words render us low
So, too, do they cause us upwards to grow
Bringing our stories to life.

Two hands on sunsut.

Like staring into the sun that warms us. ❤




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