Book Deals Work Better Online

PHEW! Well, that’s that. I guess I’m done with all things book forever, now that these two are out.


Ah. It’s good to laugh. Instead of over, IT HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN.


Yeah, Theoden King, that’s what I just said. You don’t have to look so grumpy about it, though.

Feeding Frenzy is on sale until some time on? through? December 5th. I’m not actually sure how this works. We’re learning together! Soon, we’ll grow a bond and superpowers. We’ll use them to fight invading humanoids and unexplained magical phenomena! Ach, sorry, people have been talking about anime a lot recently, and I lost my way a second. I’m back.

I wanted to thank the people who helped me rill quick. Thanks Jessica, Dante, Paul, Tiff, and Maude for reading everything through, catching my errors, and convincing me I needed to do more work. Dave, I already thanked you, don’t get greedy.

Some people. Honestly.

And now I guess I work on getting people to know I exist! Apparently following them around malls shouting “I have something I think you’d like” isn’t um…well, it’s frowned upon, let’s just leave it at that. There was lots of frowning.

Also on writing the next two things, but honestly my writing time until March is basically nonexistent. Life is a bitch, but less so than an underworld, so I’ll dance to its tune.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a book and the start of the holiday season. If you’re lookin’ for gift ideas…the hard copy of Sacrifice should be out any day now, so I have something I think you’d like!

Can I say that here? Are you frowning, too? Don’t frown.


Sigh. It’s like the mall all over again. Yes, officer. I’ll leave.

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