Is It Time for Audio or Just Holidays?

We are in the twelve days of winter festivities range now. You are running out of time! BE STRESSED LIKE ME!

Nah, just kidding. If you’re stressing about what to give people, may I ask that you consider giving someone some books for Christmas? Two books make a decent gift, and if you buy books from an indie author, you’re also shopping local, giving money to the arts, and encouraging authors to keep authing. I just so happen to know two such books here!

I’m also playing with the idea of offering my books as audiobooks. What do you think? Do you listen to books at all? Is my voice made for radio, or just my face? Let me know your thoughts–I’m not super interested in spending hours and hours doing something if it turns out it’s like Brillo pads on people’s ears, you know? I’m fairly anti-Brillo-ing ears.

If maybe pictures are more your speed, I’m now on Instagram!

I hear that’s where all the kids are these days, so I, too, have found my way there, like that grad student who awkwardly shows up at the frat party. People want to see pictures of things about writing, right? And staged photos I make for a fake world? I mean, I do, at least.

Let’s be picture buddies.


Tired of me in all my forms but still interested in supporting indie authors? KB Spangler writes wonderful books and has a whole shop! If you like ghosts and robots and Ben Franklin, you’ll love her work.

Stanley Hurd‘s books wrap very well and are incredible gifts for those in your life who’ve ever enjoyed (or might enjoy) Jane Austen.

Jessica Woodard‘s books are perfect for last minute shopping, because you can email them! Sweet, spicy, and good fun, I’ve recommended them to many.

Or, check out Luci Cosway, for the people on your nice list who are a little naughty. Rowr!

Whatever you decide, I hope the season goes more smoothly for you than it tends to for banishers. Basically, don’t get eaten or sucked into any after-lifes, and do try to consume something with rum in it at some point.



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