Feeding Frenzy Is Teething!

This week Feeding Frenzy turns one! Happy birthday, small thing I made! In honor of that, it will be on sale starting the 27th through Valentine’s Day! I’ll mention that again later. It will also be returned to Nook and added to Smashwords, so if you’ve been waiting to read it, here’s your chance!

It’s been really important to me lately to have something I can do that inspires me. With everything going on in the world, it’s so important to have something that not only brings me joy, but encourages catharsis; the good guys always win, and the monsters always get what’s comin’ to them. I hope you all find and share whatever it is that allows you to keep on keepin’ on. Know you’re in my thoughts, and constantly at my fingertips–a lot of you have characters in my books!


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