I’m really busy right now trying to poison my mom on an island of fire, so you’ll have to forgive me for the short post.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mom-figures and people with moms! What’s that? Oh! I see your confusion. Yes, I’m drinking grown up orange juice with my mom on Fire Island this weekend! But that’s not nearly as metal sounding.


I hope you are also able to spend time with your mom(s), even if it’s just in spirit. Better if it’s over spirits.

I’d wish you all a fairy tale day, but moms and fairy tales don’t seem to mix, for some bizarre reason, so may you have a very realistic but extremely pleasant day and if you forgot a gift? Well, I won’t tell her, but Feeding Frenzy is at a new low price on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Thanks, moms! Especially mine, though, who gave me a love of puns and a burning need to finish projects as fast as humanly possible. These are the cornerstones of my work, and I am happy to have stolen them from you, unlike your clothes, which I tried to steal, but you’re too tall.

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