But Instead I Didn’t

Here’s the takeaway:

Wonder Woman was great and the words I have to eat were only a little bitter.

The new Museum of the American Revolution was very cool, especially the tent finials that my sister restored.

I am going to sleep for probably a thousand years.

The longer version:

I saw Wonder Woman last weekend. As I said before, I was ready to raze DC to the ground over any shit it tried to pull with Diana, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was maybe not the world’s best movie, but i still cried tears of joy twice, so it wasn’t the world’s worst movie by a long shot. Bonus points, it passes all of the dialogue tests we currently have for whether a movie has women in it, or plot devices with boobs. Definitely worth a see.

I thought I’d have more time this weekend, but, well. Instead I didn’t. In part because we went to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philly to see the amazing work my sister and her fellow conservators have done with hundreds of artifacts. You should especially oo and ah over George Washington’s tent and the iced gingerbread cookies you can buy in the gift shop, because my sister worked on the tent (the finials were entirely her creation, as the originals were all too damaged to subject to further abuse) and made the mold used for the cookies from an antique cookie press!

There were lots of other really cool things but my sister didn’t make them, so I’m not going to brag. Do I have to do everything? Just get up and go find out for yourself. Jeez!

And finally I am dead tired, my feet feel like they are made of blisters, and there are so many blooming things that I think I’m’a do some exhaustive research on this Rip van Winkle character. For, err, a book.


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