Kill Your Darlings

How much discussion about violence and beating people up can you have before it becomes weird? Asking for a friend.

I am not sure what writers who are not me and people who will talk to me converse about, but I always seem to have questions about, or field questions about how best to hurt stuff. Either this is an accepted practice, or people think I know a lot about this but not in a way that feels dangerous to them. Neither suggestion makes me feel terribly confident in our collective stability.


Just a photo of your friendly neighborhood weirdo in a 2 person elevator with a devilishly handsome man.

I am careening towards the 50,000 word mark, which means things are in full swing, and injuries are flying left and right. Poor darling sisters, I am like a toddler crashing toy cars, and you are my Hot Wheels. Here is a synopsis of my conversations lately:

Me: “What readily available things can I steal to stop a dinosaur?”

Them: “Steel netting. How should I conduct financial warfare?”

Me: “Good question. I would personally go about it like [this]. What bones can you break and not get them set? And while we’re on the subject, how dark can I get before it’s not fun anymore?”

Them: “Just make sure there’s snark and dive in. Here is a list of internal trauma you can take and still walk.”

Me: “THIS IS SO HELPFUL THANK YOU. Good luck bankrupting the world!”

I hope this is normal. If not, I hope you’re a psychologist. Send me a line, let’s talk! I have a lot of things like this to discuss, and your input would be valuable in how I write about these topics. Maybe also my own health, but who cares about that, really? I’m not fighting any dinosaurs. Focus, please, on the important matters.

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