Summer Isn’t Dead Yet

Taking a quick break. Summer’s in the hospital right now. Again.

Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, I’m sure.

Ye of little faith.

Seriously, though, she really ought to be more careful. She’s just mortal you know? Someone should have a talk with that girl. OH WAIT, I think they will!

I just hit one hundred typed pages written on Blood and Bone and am pretty excited at how it’s shaping up! One of the critiques I heard about Sacrifice was that it was nice and all, but followed the overall plot progression of Feeding Frenzy.

Yes, it did, on purpose! I’ve got an eight-book arc to tell, and it needs proper foundation. And now in book three, we start to see it crumble. So be prepared for a lot of action, a lot of heartache and more jokes from the irascible sisters.

Now that it’s fall (holy shit, how did it become fall?) and all trips look to be over for the year, I am hoping to settle in and bang this bad boy out. I’m really excited for you to meet the characters I’m introducing, and for you to explore my old stomping grounds through the monstrous lens of two banishers. New England gets a lot of horror stories for a reason. It’s the prettiest place on earth for the supernatural to wreak havoc.

Little known fact: Demons love foliage.

And hey! Welcome new followers! I think if we get to 100 people on Facebook, I’m going to do a book giveaway! Who wants a signed copy of one of the first two books? Perhaps with a personal description in it? That sound interesting? Then tell your friends, and make sure you like the page!

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