The Force, The Fan Art, and Your Billiard Rack

Sometimes the best way forward is to stay still.

I’ve had a hard time writing lately–not because of any scene or writer’s block though. I know what happens, I’m enthusiastic about writing what’s happening, and I’m ready to be done with this book, which means I’m motivated to just power through. But there’s a bit going on, have you noticed?

I am exhausted wondering what will happen next, and from spending so much energy trying to get my elected officials to remember they work for me. I feel guilty coming to my nice, warm home and writing about imaginary fights when we’re already fighting so many real ones. So I took a small break. I read (although in classic me fashion, I read pretty serious books with traumatic scenes. Don’t be like me. Take actual breaks!), I’m doing projects in my house I’ve wanted to do for years, and I’m helping those around me.

So here are three things that make me happy:

  1. Star Wars comes out this week! Are you going? I got tickets months ago. It’s tradition now for us to go with one of my best friends (and often several other best friends) and geek out to the best of our ability. Usually there are outfits and clapping at good parts. You can judge all you want, I feel no shame about it. I’m going to miss Carrie so much, but I hope little girls today are being inspired by a new hero. I know I am!
  2. These amazing fan art pieces by Stasia Brewcyznski! OMG! I cannot even! This makes me think maybe I’m helping others find an escape, so writing isn’t such a waste of time.
  3. The Bad Sex in Fiction Awards. It probably says too much about us, but several of my friends and I have had a lovely time the past few years getting together to celebrate this fantastic award. Basically, readers submit contenders who have written truly stunningly horrific romances and then judges decide which scenes are just too beautifully abhorrent to pass over. The books are all fiction, not romance, so perhaps they’re just…inexperienced at sex. I mean, at writing sex scenes! But it really is something else what these people have decided to put on paper. If you’re feeling low, I highly recommend gathering some friends, choosing a silly reading voice, and learning together if any of this sounds better out loud. Please record how long it takes for you to go from grumpy to crying from laughter!

Hang in there, all. I know the holidays can be tough, and this year everything feels a bit more intense. But we’re here together. There are people writing about their billiard racks, and drawing characters, and movies that will inspire us. Plus, you’re pretty awesome. Don’t ever forget that!


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