The Miracle of Persevering

I was just at the Hanukkah party of a dear friend and she said “the miracle of Hanukkah is that something that felt like it couldn’t continue in fact did. I am sure you have felt that, where you feel you only have the energy necessary for today, but can’t keep it up. But every day you do, you keep going. That’s Hanukkah.”

I really liked that. It does feel like sometimes we’re running on fumes. And it’s hard to feel like anything is going right or that we’re doing well. It’s hard to remember that sometimes just showing up is the miracle.

So, I hope however you celebrate the season, be it with menorahs, wise men, trees, holly or otherwise, I hope it is filled with light, and that you allow yourself to find miracles in persisting. Maybe your roast won’t be perfect, maybe your family isn’t in the greatest health and maybe your holiday spirit seems to be out to lunch. Even so, we’re glad you’re here, and that you continue to be here. That is miraculous to us, to have so many lovely people share their lives with us.

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