I’ve Got 99 Problems, & Physics Is All of Them

Today I’d like to discuss the nature of time and space. And how one human can actually only ever be in one place in one time which is absolute bull.

Like honestly, what’s this all about?

I keep wanting to disprove this by sheer will, but the four dimensions are all like “you ain’t nothin’,” and then it’s 9 PM and I’ve only crossed one thing off of my list.

So today this post is late, because time is stupid, and space is too much. And to add injury to insult, I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning, and go to the gym, because not only are the building blocks of the universe complete jerks, but past me was a total overachiever and signed present me up for two weeks of misery. So I’m tired, hungry (my fault, not the goal’s, or past Allison, either. She’d be disappointed in my eating today, credit where it’s due).

Furthermore, there’s been a lot going on in real life that’s been really taxing. So, while I have you here, real talk time.

If you haven’t had a glass of water today, drink some now.
If you haven’t laughed this week, make plans to see friends.
If you haven’t felt good this month, pick something that will rejuvenate you and do it.
If you still aren’t well, tell someone.
If you haven’t been to the doctor this year, go.
If you’ve never seen a therapist, or if you haven’t seen yours in over a year, it’s time for a tune up. Just go. Know thyself. It’s been too long, and trust me, even happy people can benefit from someone who knows how your brain works.

To recap:

  1. Time ain’t shit.
  2. Space is a bully.
  3. Past-Allison is the orchestrater of everything that’s wrong with my life
  4. Everyone needs to stay healthy.

Got it? Good. I’ll make more excuses next week.

PS Altered Carbon was pretty good. Don’t tell Future-Allison we (I? she?) told you we watched an episode.

Mr. Bean! You snitch!



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