First One’s Really Free Now

My short story is free, to begin with.



You’re damn right it is.

Listening now?? Okay, so what had happened was, approximately 3 trillion hours ago, I set up a sign up for my site. You see it every time you come here, unless you’ve signed up. The intent was that I would annoy you for three seconds, and then you’d be able to get my newsletter, which would have free stories and extra character stuff and so on.

Except that, um, I’m a total noob about how all this works, and it took me all 3 trillion hours to figure it out. BUT I DID! I think! So now when you put in your email address rather than clicking exit, you will get an email sending you the free ePub version of my short story “The First One’s Free.” It’s quite quick and shares the story of a banishment job where everything more or less, sort-of-kind-of goes exactly according to plan. If you’ve not yet read one of my full books, it’s a good taste of my writing style and the characters. If you have read something else, you’ll get a little more backstory that’s been hinted at in the books!

“But I don’t want another newsletter,” I hear you say.

Well, let’s be perfectly frank here. I don’t have 3 trillion hours on a regular basis. Newsletters are likely to be sporadic and contain either free stuff or really cool things that don’t work for any of the other EIGHT (omg, is it really that many??) social media platforms I’m on. Maybe one or two a year with free books, extra content, or earth shattering news. Help me, help you, n’a mean?

Here’s what I anticipate right now for all marketing:

  1. First One’s Free for free via newsletter
  2. Continue to post 1-2 times a day on Facebook
  3. Continue weekly blog posts on Sundays
  4. Chances for free copies of Feeding Frenzy or Sacrifice in anticipation of the release of Blood and Bone. Possibly via newsletter.
  5. Try to traditionally publish a book that’s not at all in this universe, but which does feature my love of fairytales.
  6. Another short story called Just a Taste which will become the new free sign up book via newsletter and First One’s Free will become free elsewhere.

That’s basically it. And this is about 2-3 years of planning. So, you can see that the newsletters aren’t intended to be a tool oft wielded.

Sign up! At least then I’ll stop talking about it!

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