I’m Sorry, My Sundays Are All Full

I haven’t had a nap. I have had a drink. Yes, I am a full adult, as evidenced by this nice cabernet sauvignon I’m enjoying while watching some British panel shows, but naps are crucial to my equilibrium, and I did not have one.

Image result for grumpy


Here is a list of things Sundays should definitely all include:

-Small creatures in your lap (children included)
-A source of light that warms you (either a lie in the sun or a fire)
-A soothing beverage
-Another nap
-Something cooking
-Maybe another nap
-Something checked off the ol’ list
-Go, on, have another beverage
-How many naps before you’re just sleeping poorly?
-Ignoring the growing existential dread
-Just read a book, this is all too much work
-Did you get your nap?

No, list, I did not. Stop rubbing it in. Now, pass the wine and find for me a cat, I’ve got some books to read!

Image result for napping with cats

This man has it all figured out. Image from artofmanliness.com

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