Got a Cool Monster?

This was an exciting week for The Summoner Sisters.  First, “The First One’s Free” is almost full of words and I’ve got my carpentry tools in the wings ready to chisel this bad boy down to something a human would intentionally read just as soon as the last word is corralled.

Then, I wrote the end of the series (!!!) It’s gonna be quite a ride and I so desperately want to tell you, but you’ll just have to read it in real time because I don’t think you’ll appreciate it right now.  I don’t think the girls will appreciate it right now, either, and we must be ever sensitive to their feelings.

As of right now, I’m scheduled to write eight full length books and probably five or six short stories, which will be compiled into a book (along with two more short stories!) in a book called Banished at the end of it all.  So, nine books about Summer and Lia and their shenanigans, which are legion.

Now I need to start thinking of monsters for the other short stories.  I’m trying to focus on lesser known or regional monsters because those are super interesting to me.  You probably have a local legend or know of an interesting-but-unknown devils.  You should tell me of these things, that I might use them and credit you for the inspiration!  Comment here or on Goodreads or Facebook or…wherever it is that you hang out in social media land–I’m always looking for an excuse to get distracted.  Hit me up, let’s set up some cage matches between your favorite booga booga and my banishers!

Perhaps I’ll even make you one of these, from



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