Happy New Year!! I am so excited to have the reign of terror called 2016 quit us. Ciao, you sonovabitch, I hope you skin your ankle when the door hits you on the way out. Bring it, 2017. I’m ready to make friends, but if you’re not gonna play nice, I’m gonna bite you. 2017’s going to be a big year, I can feel it. For example, today is the last day to enter for a paper copy of Feeding Frenzy. The times they are a-changin’! So, what is your goal(s) for 2017?

Here’s what I’m gonna do, come Hell, high water, or drought:

1. Finish “Just A Taste.” I’ve got it mostly outlined and I think it’s gonna be funny. This one is much lighter than The First One’s Free, but it will similarly be a quick read. Aiming to have it out in the summertime!

2. Finish Blood And Bone. Already outlined, one chapter down, and about five thousand total words written. I really have to take a break though to do item number four, so we’ll see how long this one takes me. I’m really excited for it though, y’all. It’s got BOOM kinda action and tear emoji kinda feels. Gonna be great.

3. Read 20 books by 20 people I’ve never read before. I think I’ve got them mostly figured out on Goodreads! It’s a good mix, gender-wise, but I don’t think I’m being very good right now with my intersections. I’m really really behind in some classics and standards–even in the genre I write in!–so I’m trying to clean that up pretty quick. I’ll be honest, I’m nervous. I had a pretty disappointing year for reading (with a few stand out exceptions like The Fifth Season) and most of them were authors I already enjoyed! So 20 strangers feels like…a risk. But I live on the edge baby.

4. Do something I hate but have to do. Get it out of the way.

5. Go to the Nordic countries. The Other One and I have been talking about this forever. I want to go to a show in Finland, he wants to tour Stockholm, and we both wanna boat down the fjords, while they’re still there to boat down. This is our time!


6. Record the audiobook for Feeding Frenzy. It seems like this is a thing people like? So I guess I’m recording myself saying words. Over and over. It’s kinda fun though! Let’s see how many times I can’t hide the fact there’s a cat butt in my face as I record.

7. Smash oppression. 2016 kicked my ass. This is the come-back fight. Hold onto your butts.


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