The Secret to Productivity

You know that story about the little boy who realizes the dam is leaking and manages to plug all the little holes until the townspeople can come help?

I feel a little like him this summer, except that he saved an entire town, while I haven’t even managed to finish a season of The Great British Baking Show, let alone save any towns, finish any books, or really make tremendous progress in any single element of my life. I’m trying like hell, but I only have ten fingers, two feet and just the one tongue, so the number of holes I can handle is limited.

Get your mind out of the gutter! Come on! NO NOT LIKE THAT.

I’ve found my best tactic for productivity is not to sit down. If I get home, do the things I need to do to continue my everyday life, and then something else. I have five projects I’m working on right now, which means that I get to spend maybe an evening a week doing each of the things, except one of them is my day job that has gone off the rails lately and it just eats whatever it wants, like a swarm of ants, or any goat. But, if I want to do any of them, I can’t sit down at first.

Okay class. Do we see where she went wrong?

That’s it. That’s the whole doctrine. Need to pay a bill? Stand at the counter and write it. Need to make a call? Swiffer while you do it. Need to Swiffer? Try making a call at the same time. Boom. You’re suddenly productive. You also will never know if Martha will recover from her eclair debacle, or do more than the bare minimum to plug the dam.

For me the story is like a fish tank that has hairline fractures. And instead of standing there valiantly, or scooping out the fish, emptying the tank and getting a better one, I’m relying on Scotch tape, my memory, and dumb luck.

PERFECT! Like new!

I got this!

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