We Weren’t Kissing. Have A Book.

Happy Halloweekend! I hope your season of frights is going well! I’ve sung Halloween songs, gotten sick on candy, screamed in terror, heard some truly impressive cackling, and been hit on by Bellatrix Lestrange, so I’m doing pretty well for myself, I think.

I just can’t keep witches off me.

This is just a quick post today, first to thank my contributors for sending me art for Inktober collaborations. I really had a great time doing that, and I hope you all did, too. I am constantly amazed by the talented people I know. Next, I am not done asking things of you. Halloween is of course a BFD (big fucking deal) to banishers, and I hope you’ll share those with me, too! Who’s got a costume, pumpkin or display they’re really proud of? Share please! I will offer commentary. I will also offer a sale on Sacrifice! It being an anniversary of the events of that book (how time flies!) get it for $2.99 through November the first.*

I’m sure they’ll be right as rain, what with all this modern medicine.

Also, the second I set myself a word goal, my laptop broke. So yes, you nosy posy, I am behind but not terribly so. Currently neither sister is doing well, so things are going according to plan. I wish them a speedy recovery.

Be safe this Halloween, and however you celebrate, may you light no black flame candles, meet any murderers, axe or otherwise, and if you absolutely must run into your ex, may you be having a much better time than they are.






*It may take a minute, Amazon sometimes lies about the price it’s telling me things are and the price it shows you. But I assure you, that is the price you should expect to pay for a couple of days!

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