The Key to Great-Dadding

Happy Father’s Day! After extensive analysis, it seems like most of the great dads encourage their children to play with sticks, whether those sticks represent swords or wands. Okay, I’m ready for parenting. Here’s a few of my favorite fathers in fiction!

Stormlight Archive

This series has two rad dads! Dalinar respects and loves his children as they are–all he expects is that they live honorably. Sure, he’s got a few skeletons in his closet, but he loves his sons for the men they are. And strict, protective Lirin wanted his sons to have the world, hierarchy be damned. Sure, maybe he pushed a little hard, but Kaladin carries the goodness his father taught him even in the darkest of times.

Harry Potter

Mr. Weasley is, without a doubt, that world’s greatest dad. Though poor he lives constantly in joy. He teaches his flock curiosity, kindness, respect, and courage, even when you don’t seem to be the knight in the story. His generosity is boundless, and his ethics unimpeachable.

Image result for mr weasley


Terciel, binder of the dead, gave his daughter more of a life than should have been possible. It’s not easy when you travel a lot for work and your daughter starts her life already caught in the waters of death, but he made it work. He never coddled her, only encouraged, and he made as much time for her as he could. He taught strength, resilience, duty, and that death is nothing to fear.

By Laura Tolton


The Once and Future King

Sir Ector was a good man. Hard working, perhaps a little love-blind to the faults of his children, but just tickled by their accomplishments. He struggled to get his children a first rate eddy-cation, and taught his boys that being master of the land is a lot more like being in service to its people.

Here’s to great dads! Thanks for not letting us impale ourselves on shardblades, forget the excitement of learning, always scaring away the monsters, and encouraging us to grab every sword by the handle until we rule all of Britain!

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