I’d Like to Be a Lion But I’m Clearly Not

I am late with a post. I am very tired because I’m damn near convinced I’m actually part sunflower and especially on rainy days my very being knows where and when the sun will rise, so too do I.

I do not photosynthesize enough for this 5 am bullshit.

So a brief check in:

-No one’s sure where Africa is. Probably someone (white) will have to discover it in the future to be sure it’s real.

-This book is throwing a tantrum and just doesn’t want to go to sleep, no matter the number of cookies or choke holds I lure it with.

-Several amazing friends have birthdays! Hell yes, July babies, Leos rock, and Cancers…whatever, you’re Leos in my heart! I hope this next year makes your wildest dreams look like house cats, and that you adopt all those cats.

Hm. I think I’m tireder than I thought.

In summation, here is what I would have named the constellations, if anyone had thought to ask me, a born Leo, about what is Right and Proper.


Image result for birth constellations


-Invisible dog on a leash (Invisidog)

-How drunk are you, do you see one or two constellations (Drunk Duo)

-Capsizing Boat

-Cthulhu of the stars

-Finger Guns

-Tuning Fork

-Baby Shark (doo doo doo)

-Dancin’ Fool


-Tim Burton House

-Mouse (I’m sorry me!! But that’s a mouse.)

-Wish Bone (what’s your story?)


I’m sure you’re glad you read this now! Stay tuned for more quality content and don’t forget that The First One’s Free, which was written when I wasn’t entirely exhausted, is still free!

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