Demon Hugs and Wine Shrines

Somehow, when someone told me about the languages of love, I never thought how it’d apply to my day to day life. Even in this age of hyper-connectivity, it’s not like I see many of my loved ones daily. Really, just the one, and other than with him, I felt that I’d only have to consider words, actions, touch, gifts and time, like, once a month, when I venture out into the wilds of real people and need to remember to hug someone.

Image result for burritos love language

This turns out to be less the case, however.

My personal social media pages are a small shrine of affection from friends. It amuses me endlessly, and I am so pleased about it. People send me anything they find related to owls, wine, and metal music, and it’s so touching to know they’ve thought of me and wanted to share that they thought of me.

Even if it makes me look like an alcoholic satanic furry.

Especially since it makes me look like an alcoholic satanic furry–after all, if I am loved even then, I must be doing something right. Perhaps this is Satan’s influence, shielding me.

Image result for praise satan meme

They took “throwing up the goat” a little far, I think.

It is true, I do love owls, wine, and music. But more, I love that people want to share with me, that they try to understand what it is that appeals to me and join in, no matter their own feelings on the matter. That’s delightful, thank you!

Please note, however, I am not actually an alcoholic satanic furry. Please stop introducing me to your mothers as your wino friend, even though I do appreciate that she sends a bottle of wine with you every time you come over. Perhaps also that’s a little concerning if she thinks I need this bottle to make it until lunch, but it’s nice to have an emergency bottle of red around, and as my spouse likes us to be prepared for catastrophe, I’m glad that I can contribute booze to the end of the world party. I am equally grateful that it’s the wine that gets gifted, and that my home has remained at an equilibrium of owl-related artifacts and zero actual owls for coming up on two decades!

Thank you, all, for the small gifts you give me daily and know they’re extremely appreciated! I hope I human as well as you do. What are your favorite ways to hear from friends that they care about you from afar?

Image result for anya buffy learning hugs

Even demons can learn affection, after all! Anya, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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