The Quiet (Wo)Man

Today I have:

Cleaned the kitchen
Read a bunch
Put a corned beef in a crock pot
Taken three naps

I realize this may be taking “lazy Sunday” a bit far, but I’ve had a very active couple of days and, unfortunately, a few nights more active than I’d like, so today I’m doing my best to catch up on lounging.

And while I like you quite a bit, I am enjoying this loungefulness enormously, and don’t think I will regale you with much today.

I will say I hope that if you observe St. Patrick’s Day, your meals are tender, your drink is kind to your head, and water is plentiful. I will now get back to my family’s traditional March 17, with is The Quiet Man with John Wayne, corned beef with cabbage and root vegetables served on sourdough or rye with Swiss cheese because yes my grandfather was Irish but also yes my grandmother was Latvian-Jewish and this sandwich, like their marriage, is a truly perfect union.

It’s about as American a way to celebrate the holiday as one can get, I realize, but it is what it is, and I shall enjoy it to my dying day, if ever I live that long.

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