Dark & Stormy: Lounging in a Time of Cloud Cover

Terribly sorry that I missed a week, and that this post won’t be satisfactory either. They really shouldn’t put holidays on weekends, and uh…vacations, I guess. I mean who does that?

So, bear with me, actual real content to return soon. For your amusement here is a list of things I’ve done recently:

-Recreated dinosaurs discovering the ocean (the T-Rex didn’t make it)
-Watched “Good Omens” (highly recommend!)
-Read just way too many novels (omg, who keeps writing these, I need a break)
-Drank a vat of Prosecco (highly recommend!)
-Hid from a tornado (I’d say I don’t recommend, but I think what I’m really against is the tornado, not the sheltering therefrom)
-Edited another chapter of book three

Image result for wine trough

BYOWT (Bring Your Own Wine Trough)

So, there you go. Wish me luck, tomorrow I’m supposed to teach my family how to play new games, and I’m not the only one with a Prosecco trough.

Should be great!

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